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Experienced practitioner who offers an 'at depth' psychological approach.

I offer individual counselling and psychotherapy for adults with difficulties such as:


Anxiety; depression; low self-esteem/ insecurity; relationship problems; problems with work or family; chronic ill health; difficulties with sleep, food; eating disorders; family changes - separation, divorce, a new baby, illness, bereavement; difficulties with managing anger; addictive behaviours; self-harming behaviour; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; phobias; identity confusions and other disturbances of the self.

I offer counselling and  psychotherapy for a wide range of problems. I specialise in longer-term work with adults who have acute or recurring difficulties.


I am able to help children and teenagers with a wide range of emotional and/ or behavioural problems. 

  I have particular experience with:

  • Angry, uncontrollable, challenging children;
  • Children with significant anxiety or insecurity, who may refuse to attend school;
  • Children who have problems with food - with over fussy eating, with overeating or who are not able to eat properly;
  • Children who have problems with sleep - nightmares, bed wetting; 
  • Or with toileting generally. 
  • Bullying
  • Children who are struggling with jealousy, upset or sometimes the result of changes in the family - eg. parental separation or  the arrival of a new baby; 
  • Withdrawn, depressed or silent children; children who cannot play;
  • Children who are selectively mute.
  • Children with learning difficulties;
  • ADD/ADHD children;
  • Children with developmental disorders, including Autistic Spectrum Disorders

I am able to see :

  • Withdrawn, depressed or anxious teenagers, who may be lacking in confidence;
  • Angry/'acting out'/ destructive and/ or self-destructive teenagers;
  • Teenagers who have problems with peer relationships or with 'growing up.' 
  • I am able to offer a safe confidential, supportive space for teenagers who have anxieties about their sexual identity and orientation.

  • I am able to work with young people who are at risk of breakdown, who have suicidal feelings, who self-harm;
  • I can also help young people who have eating disorders or who are engaging excessively in other risky or addictive behaviours, such as underage drinking, drugs, excessive use of vapes or online gaming.

  • I am able to offer a confidential space for a teenager who has issues with their gender identity to help them explore their feelings about this, their body and their development generally, before they choose to make big decisions about their life. This is not meant in any way to deter someone from choosing the path they wish to take, but rather to help them explore their own thoughts and feelings in a supportive space first.
  • I also have experience of working with teenagers who have significant learning difficulties, which may include ADD/ADHD or who have more serious developmental problems, including OCD/ ASD or emerging personality disorders. 
  • I have a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and am a registered member of the BACP. (Registration Number 180120).
  • I have undertaken several years of further specialist 'at depth' psychotherapy training to work with children and teenagers. 
  • I have also undertaken some years of additional training to offer (psychodynamic) psychotherapy for  adults.
  • I have more than twelve years of experience in my own practice.
  • I have worked in a number of settings such as in specialist centres for mothers and infants; in community counselling/ psychotherapy centres, mainly for adults but also with the children of the families involved; in special needs schools, plus in psychiatric hospitals for adults. 
  • I participate in ongoing professional development and have contact with a variety of other practitioners. 

You may either call me on 0757-2010656 to make an enquiry or to arrange an initial consultation

or alternatively send an email to :




An initial consultation for an adult or teenager is £55.  Ongoing fees are negotiable.  My standard fee is £50 per session. 


An initial consultation for the parents of a child or teenager is £60 - £65, depending on the time taken.  This appointment is usually a bit longer; I allow 1 1/4 hours up to 1 1/2 hours.   


My standard fee for a child or for further review meetings with parents is £45 pounds per session. 

In some circumstances lower fees may be offered. 


Janet Wilkinson


My area of special interest and experience is in working with children, teenagers and adults who have significant or recurring difficulties. 

I take an 'at depth' approach to psychological problems which enables lasting change to occur.


Suites 1.7 and 1.8,

Howard House,

Howard Street, 

North Shields,

NE30 1AR

T el 0757-2010656

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