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Counselling/ Psychotherapy for Teenagers


I offer counselling and psychotherapy for teenagers, (12 or 13yo upwards), with a range of emotional, psychological and /or behavioural difficulties, including:

Anxiety or lack of confidence; problems with family relationships; social anxieties; difficulties with learning or studying; non-communication or withdrawal; bullying; aggressive or uncontrollable anger; alcohol or drugs, excessive computer games/ internet; issues with food - anorexia, bulimia; anxieties about body image; sexual issues; Issues to do with gender or identity; angry acting out, destructive/ self-destructive behaviour.

I have experience in working with teenagers who have developmental problems or learning difficulties and/or who are not able to sustain relationships in their peer group.

I see young people who are suicidal or who are at risk of breakdown.

Where necessary, I work in collaboration with a child and adolescent psychiatrist or other special services.

About Teenagers :

In adolescence, a young person is developing a sense of their own identity, during what is a turbulent time of many changes - physical, psychological, relational. 

There are the significant challenges of developing peer relationships, re-negotiating family relationships and establishing a degree of autonomy. 

At this time of life, a young person is also trying to cope with major changes to their body and their confused and confusing sexual feelings. As well as all the major upheaval that entails, they are simultaneously progressing at senior school, with more demands placed on them and having to choose a direction for study and future work. 

This is a time of transition, with the teenager needing 'a foot in both camps' - at home and also with their group of friends. Peer relationships are very important in the process of establishing their (relative) independence. 

Difficulties not resolved at earlier stages of life often come to the fore at this time, with more force than as a child. It is recognised that adolescence offers another important chance to work through things not able to be dealt with earlier.

To have the opportunity to work through things, not previously able to be resolved, is vital for an adolescent at this critical stage of their life. This sort of work ensures that they will be able to better manage the challenges of their life as an adult.  In my experience, difficulties not helped now will undoubtedly re-surface at some future time, causing more long-term problems. 

I work in a flexible, indirect way adapted to suit the specific needs of each young person. A teenager may not be able to talk much about their problems, but nevertheless, the opportunity to talk about anything in this sort of space helps them feel and manage better.

"A non-judgmental and confidential space to talk about anything that bothers you, helps and enables you to manage better in your life."

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