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Psychotherapy/ Psychotherapy for Adults


Psychotherapy for Adults

I see adults who have problems in one or more areas including:

. Moderate or severe anxiety and / or panic attacks;

•Depression; ‘stuckness’, sense of meaninglessness or emptiness;

. Low self-esteem, lack of confidence;

. Grief and loss

•Relationship issues, repeating life patterns;

. Addictive behaviour including: drugs, alcohol, pills, gambling, sexual acting out.

•Eating disorders, body image disturbance

•Frequent ill-health which may have a psychosomatic basis. eg. Migraines, digestive upsets, back pain and tension.

. Obsessive compulsive disorders.

. Difficulties with sleep, recurrent nightmares,

. Phobias and other fears,

. Difficulty controlling anger or frustration

Family changes including:

- Difficulties with becoming a new mother (eg. perinatal or postnatal depression;

 -Other difficulties to do with parenting or changing family relationships;

 - Relationship/ family breakdown - separation, divorce,

- Family illness or bereavement.

•A history of childhood abuse, (emotional, physical, sexual) and/or neglect causing difficulties in your life now.

•Suicidal feelings and thoughts, self-harm;

•Instability, acute anxiety, identity confusion, personality problems.

 I work psychodyamically, offering an 'at depth' approach. 

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